Marine Conditions - User Guides - Main Screen

1. bcu creative writing ma Data visualization modes: Allows you to view data in different visualization mode. The default display is in map mode and shows all the stations with available temperature data for the last 24 hours.

hsc legal studies world order essay MAP display: Displays the latest available data for the selected period for each station. The colors of the markers are related to the value of the selected parameter (see legend in the information box on the right-hand side). Clicking on a station allows accessing the detailed data of the selected station.

seattle pacific university mfa in creative writing reviews TABLE: Tabular representation of data. In, "all stations" and like the map, each line is the latest data available for the selected station for a period. The data display order can be sorted by clicking the column header. In addition, clicking on a line has the effect of selecting the station. In "time series" table displays the date and time of observation and the value for the selected station.

2. doing literature review in health and social care Download: Allow downloading currently displayed data.
Note: you must accept the terms of use before downloading.

3. am i a good writer essay Control center: Advanced functionality visualization mode with customizable features allowing to:

  • Display various parameters from one or more stations at once;
  • Select a period;
  • Move the different windows according to user preferences;
  • View data in graphic mode;
  • View observations, forecasts and water levels predictions on the same graph;
  • Create and save favorite stations and parameters;

        Note: the user must log in to access control center.

4. interactive essay writing Breadcrumb: It allows users to keep track of their locations within the Web tool.

5. primary homework help 1950s Search: Field to find and to easily select an item to filter or a specific station, for instance.
Filtres sections (6-7-8): Sections allowing filtering the data displayed in each visualization mode. Selecting an item also has the effect of refining the choices available in all other filters.

6. help with ethics homework Period: Allows selecting the desired period. The latter depends on the type of station or selected parameter.

7. does homework help students learn more Parameters: Allows selecting the desired parameter.

8. open university creative writing module Station type: Allows you to filter stations displayed by type. When no type is selected, all types are displayed by default.

9. User account: Allows user to access the control center and enables saving preferences.

10. Network: Allows sharing the current page via social networks or by email.

11. Settings: Allows changing languages.

12. Context menu: Gives access to information on the Web application, data sources and partners.

13. Information: Displays information and data according to the selected station. (for the MAP view only).

14. Dashboard: User-friendly visualisation mode of real-time or near real-time data for multiples parameters from a specific station.

15. Station Data: Displays time series according to the chosen parameters of the selected station.

16. Parameters check-box: Allows to preselect wished parameters that will be visualize in the control center.

17. Legend

A. Displays the legend for the different types of station (view MAP only).

Data availability period varies among the different station types. According to the selected period in 4, some stations are marked on the map (data available) and others are not visible (data not available).

  • Buoys: data are seasonal, available for the summer period varying from April to December since 2014. The precise effective dates vary between buoy;
  • Tide gauges and meteo stations: data are disseminates continuously since May 2014;
  • Radars: data are disseminates continuously since April 2015;
  • Thermographs: data are archived for the period of January 2011 to December 2013.


B. Displays the legend for the selected parameter. (view MAP only). If more than one parameter are selected, it is possible to choose which one will be display on the map with the legend drop down menu.

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